Studio Policy and Tuition


Spring Semester: 20 private lessons
January – May

Fall Semester: 20 private lessons

Summer: 8 private lessons
June & July

  • The fall semester runs from August through December, and the Spring semester runs from January through May. 
  • Monthly tuition is based on four lessons, and the fifth week is either skipped or used for make-up lessons. 
  • Please give us a notice for at least 24 hours ahead of the scheduled lesson for the make-up lessons. 


Monthly package for in-studio and online lessons

• 30-minute lessons
monthly payment of $150

• 45-minute lessons
monthly payment of $225

• 60-minute lessons
monthly payment of $300

Monthly package for in-home lessons

• 30-minute lessons
monthly payment of $190

• 45-minute lessons
monthly payment of $265

• 60-minute lessons
monthly payment of $340

• The registration fee is $30 for all the new students (or waived if registering the same day of the trial lesson)
• We offer a 10% discount for the second child from the same family
• The instructor will decide the book(s) for the student at the first lesson and provide information on where to order them

Termination Policy

•    Tuition is non-refundable
•    The student or student’s parent must notify the instructor of the termination of piano lessons at least 30 days before they stop taking lessons.
•    The teacher reserves the right to terminate lessons based on lack of preparation, late payments, and tardy attendance. 

Teacher Responsibilities

•    Respect and be patient with each student
•    Value each student’s personality and character
•    Help students to plan individualized repertoires and decide recital pieces
•    Teach students how to practice effectively
•    Encourage students and build their confidence at performances
•    Lessons cover finger technique, sight-reading skills, stylistic understanding, music theory, and performance artistry.

Student Responsibilities

•    Keep a 20-45 minutes practice schedule for five days a week
•    Perform in Winter and/or Spring recitals
•    Arrive on time with lesson materials
•    Be active and engaged at the lesson 

Parent Responsibilities

•    Support and encourage students in their daily practice
•    Provide a full-size keyboard or a tuned piano
•    Create a distraction-free environment during practice
•    Communicate with teachers regularly
•    Submit tuition payments on time (the first day of each month)

• Please set up the ACH transfer through the student portal before the first lesson. You will get an email with login information via MyMusicStaff.
• We accept cash, check, or online transfer for pay by semester option
• The monthly tuition will be charged on the 21st of the month before. If the payment is not received, we will not be able to keep the student’s spot for the following month.

ACH setup instruction: To get started, parents can log into their Student Portal and click their name in the upper right corner and select “Profile Settings”. Under the “Payment Options” section, click the “Add Bank” button. After they fill in all the necessary information, click “Save”. Two verification deposits will be placed in their bank account.

You will need to revisit the Student Portal to enter the two verification amounts in the “Payment Options” section, by clicking the “Verify Payment Method” button. Once this has been done, you will be able to pay the invoices using a bank account. Please turn on the autopayment to complete the setup.


•    Please let us know 24 hours before the scheduled lesson if you are unable to make to it, and we will schedule a make-up lesson depending on the teacher’s availability.
•    If the instructor is not available for an in-studio make-up lesson, an online lesson will be offered or a sub teacher will be assigned. 
•    Please inform the teacher as soon as you can if students cannot come to lessons due to sickness, emergency situation, travel, or other conflicts. 
•    When the weather does not permit safe travel, online lessons will be given. 
•    Please notify the teacher via text or email if you will be late for a lesson, and lessons cannot be extended if the student show up late.